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OSCAR minutes - April 10, 2015

Detailed minutes were unfortunately mislaid.

Rough summary - comments were made that the best way to move forward is for companies that want to make progress to put write some code. The chair (SM) pointed out that, given the rapidly moving landscape, the intent in this project had been to consider what the long range requirements will be in order to inform technology choices.

For information, Juniper has implemented a deployment manager as part of OpenContrail Server Manager. This is based on Cobbler and Puppet, with Python scripts managing the overall process. Currently, the scripts in Server Manager explicitly refer to Contrail and OpenStack roles and would need to be completely rewritten to accommodate multiple software stacks as envisioned for OSCAR.

Candidate options for OSCAR implementation appear to include:

  • OpenStack Heat with Ironic for provisioning stacks on bare metal servers - concerns regarding the maturity of Ironic as a component that OPNFV can rely on
  • JuJu Charms - appears to satisfy many OSCAR requirements, but concern that current version does not support Centos/Fedora.
  • An new framework sitting on top of existing tools like Cobbler, Puppet, Ansible, Salt, etc.
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