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Agenda of OSCAR Project Meeting on May 28, 2015

  • Roll call
  • Review goals for the project in light of availability of multiple installers for each type of stack that will be available in OPNFV
  • Decide next steps


  • Stuart Mackie (Juniper Networks)
  • Parviz Yegani (Juniper Networks)
  • Peter Lee (ClearPath)
  • Larry Lamers (VMware)
  • Uli Kleber (Huawei)


  • Stuart briefly reviewed the candidate architecture described at the kickoff meeting. The function of OSCAR as described in the proposal is to mediate between an abstract northbound API and southbound interfaces to specific tools such as Cobbler and Puppet. The northbound API would allow definition and lifecycle management of different OPNFV stacks.
  • The question arising now is whether this approach lines up with operational requirements of service providers, and if OPNFV as an organization actually wants to host a project that will create and maintain code rather than simply providing blueprints to upstream projects.
  • Activity in the BGS project identified and tested several installers, and it seems likely that other stacks will also have multiple installers (e.g. OpenContrail has a script method and a Cobbler/Puppet method).
  • Signing on for supporting multiple installers for multiple stacks seems like a tall order for the OSCAR project.
  • An idea that may be worth pursuing is for OSCAR to define an API for stack lifecycle management which could be supported by installers as they are written, rather than building an implementation with a plugin for each installer/stack.

Next Steps

  • Solicit feedback from the wider OPNFV team on the approach of having OSCAR essentially change into an API definition project
  • Reduce the frequency of calls to bi-weekly or monthly while OSCAR is in its current contemplative stage.
  • Update the meeting page to have the correct info.
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