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Linux Foundation Infrastructure Support Process

Getting Support

Send requests with the following info to

  1. Your name and email address
  2. Project name
  3. Type of issue [TBD categories]
  4. Description of issue
  5. Urgency [TBD urgency options]

Note a convenience alias goes to the same place as the canonical, but is easier to remember.

You will get help faster and better if you provide a detailed explanation of the problem. Response time to routine support requests will vary depending on the nature of the request, but you should receive an immediate confirmation email with the ticket number that was assigned to your request. If you do not receive that confirmation, nor any response back from IT administrators, please notify the community support team per below. Examples of routine support requests:​ reporting website content problems, requesting access to resources, requesting new gerrit projects, reporting problematic CI jobs, etc.

OPNFV Community Support Structure and Guidelines

Community Support Team mailing list [TBD]

Infra mailing list is used for discussions

Linux Foundation emergency email / telephone is only available to designated community support resources

The opnfv-admin mailing list is private and designated community support resources will be added to the list

Support resources:

  1. ASMO
  2. EMEA
  3. APAC

Volunteers (please register your name here if you can volunteer to help support the LF infrastructure)

Name Geo Availability
Fatih Degirmenci Sweden, CET
Daniel Smith US Eastern Time Zone
Peter Bandzi CET - Europe Time Zone
Victor Laza
Hongbo Beijing, UTC+8
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