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Brahmaputra Plugfest


  • OPNFV Turn-up:
    • Unordered List Item Target Participants: Hardware Suppliers, Integrators, Installation Development Team(s)
    • Testing Scope: Validation of installation process on different hardware platforms and configurations.
  • SDN Integration:
    • Target Participants: SDN Controllers
    • Testing Scope: Validation of SDN controller integration, coupled with install process testing above.
  • VNF Applications:
    • Target Participants: VNF suppliers
    • Testing Scope: Provide underlying infrastructure and resources to help application provider verify the life cycle management on the OPNFV platform. Testing of the application is outside of the scope of this event.

Registered Companies

The following company have registered participants for the plugfest. (Please do not edit this list directly, Lincoln Lavoie or Ray Paik will update this list as registrations are completed.)

  • China Mobile
  • Cloudtrix Technologies
  • Flex
  • Huawei


  • Location: Cablelabs (858 Coal Creek Cir, Louisville, CO 80027, USA)
  • Rack Space: 1.5 4-post racks available (54U total available, 30" deep)
  • Work Space: 48"x28" desks
  • Power Available:
    • Voltage: 110V & 220V
    • Please contact Tetsuya Nakamura to review any specific needs.
    • PDU provided in racks: C14 and C20 plugs
  • Network:
    • Bandwidth: 10Gbps
    • Access: IPv4/IPv6 address space available (need to confirm if this is public/routable space)
    • L3VPN and similar should work without limitation to the Internet

Rules of Engagement

The Rules of Engagement (ROE) define the governing principles under which the plugfest shall operate and each participant must agree to abide by these rules when participating in the plugfest(s).

Final version: opnfv_plugfest_rules_of_engagement_02-23-2016.pdf - Raymond Paik

Test Plan

The formal test plan for the event is being maintained in the DoveTail repository, and can be accessed here: Dovetail Repo

Current discussion and proposal of test plan can be accessed here.

Test ideas

  • Hardware requirement and configuration
  • Network setup requirement and configuration
  • Relationship between installers and Scenarios
  • Deploy OS(Openstack) and SDN
  • Test NFVI
  • Deploy feature, Mano and VNF
  • Test feature, Mano and VNF

Potential Vendors and/or Participants

  • Hardware
  • Commercial platform
  • Network components
  • VNF
  • MANO

Technical Support for The OPNFV plugfest

* Weidong (Huawei) :
* Jun Li(Huawei):
* Yaoguang Wang:
* Qi Liang:
* Mark Beierl:

* Hongbo Tian:

Notes & Action Items

Meeting on February 19, 2016

  • Bin to work on further details of test procedure of L3VPN and SFC (Gluon), and set up an example / template for other contributions to follow
  • Lincoln to work on marketing material, including high-level agenda based on test plan, and share with Ray for outreach / marketing campaign
  • Ray to work with LF Event Team to set up registration page, including:
    • an entry for the participant to indicate whether they:
      • intend to bring hardware on premise; or
      • prefer remote access of their own hardware infrastructure resources; or
      • need hardware resource support from e.g. Pharos Lab
    • a list of registered participants (for the sake of snowball effect)
  • Ray to work with Board and Marketing Committee for a marketing / outreach campaign
  • Ray to reach out to Cable Labs to participate in discussion next week. The questions for CableLabs are:
    • Room space availability and limitation on premise
      • This information is needed by participants who intend to bring their own hardware on premise for PlugFest
    • Network connectivity information, e.g. available bandwidth, access method and limitation
      • This information is needed so as to match the connectivity requirement of Pharos Lab as well as test case requirement for participants who need remote access to their own infrastructure or Pharos Lab
      • This information is also needed for network setup on premise by participants who bring their own hardware
  • Trevor to reach out to Pharos Lab owners for securing dedicated infrastructure resource support during May 2-13 (inclusive).
  • All are encouraged to participate and bring their own hardware resources if possible
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