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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: Daisy4nfv
  • Proposed name for the repository: daisy

Project description:

  • Daisy4nfv is an installer project based on open source project daisy(, which provides automated deployment and management of OpenStack and other distributed systems.
  • In Daisy4nfv project, we will support the installation of OPNFV release. It will support deployment of OPNFV full stack, with different flavors of configuration, on both bare-metal servers and virtual machines. We will also working closely with genesis and escalator project together to provide a complete improvement solutions for both installing and upgrading for opnfv.
  • The unique values that Daisy4nfv will bring to the OPNFV community includes the following:
    • Abstract and provides necessary information for upgrader(escalator) to do upgrading efficiently and accordingly. Thus, set as a example of how the escalator, genesis and installer can work together to bring more value to the end user.
  • Building blocks

  • “Information Provider” is a plug-in of Daisy Installer , and it will be used as a bridge between installer and upgrader. Data changed in Daisy which related to upgrading will be passed based on a publication to it. Later, upgrader can query such information from Information Provider.
  • By generalizing “What to provide” and “How to provide” to a more common layer, such as genesis, a loose coupling design of installer and upgrader can be achieved.


  • Absorbing OPNFV's release cadence features through the genesis project.
  • Working closely with genesis and escalator project together to provide a complete improvement solutions for both installation and upgrading.
  • Providing needed capabilities for the OPNFV CI pipeline, including:
    • Build
    • Deployment
  • Integration with test projects
    • Needed hooks for low-level verification (Functest)
    • Needed hooks for high-level verification (Scenario testing) – Yardstick
  • Integration with SDN controllers
  • Supporting Widely collaboration with integration of all open source SDN controllers, e.g ONOS, ODL etc


  • Local lab rsources are used for integration and testing for upstream Daisy project.
  • Will colaborate with related opnfv project (releng/functest) to provide testability for all Daisy4nfv based artifacts.



Committers and Contributors:

Names and affiliations of the committers

  • Zhijiang Hu(ZTE) :

Names and affiliations of any other contributors

  • Jing Sun (ZTE) :
  • Yao Lu (ZTE) :

Planned deliverables:

  • Daisy4nfv Installer based on Daisy open source for OPNFV stacks
  • Daisy4nfv - Documentation (ODL / ONOSFW versions)

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • Plan to release with opnfv version D

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Daisy4nfv (daisy)
Repo name: daisy
Lifecycle State: Proposal
Primary Contact:
Project Lead: Zhijiang (ZTE) :
Jira Project Name: Daisy4nfv
Jira Project Prefix: [Daisy]
mailing list tag [Daisy]

  • Zhijiang Hu(ZTE) :

Link to TSC approval: TBD
Link to approval of additional submitters: TBD

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