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OPNFV Projects

  • Parser project will be the main translation engine Domino will utilize. Domino will determine gaps in translation services and push new requirements to the Parser project (e.g., policy injection and translation across domains).
  • Copper project deals with the policy use cases and all policy related work items in Domino will be moved over to Copper.
  • Models project will serve as the main project as the repository and testing of service and VNF models. Models project can input Tosca models to Domino and Domino can perform mapping and translation services to multiple domains for end to end testing of these models.
  • Testing projects (Functest/Yardstick/Bottlenecks) can utilize Domino service to launch, configure, and modify the VNFs and services to be tested by providing Tosca files as input. In return Domino will use the test results provided by these OPNFV projects to validate its functionality and performance.
  • VNFFG and SFC projects define the service function chaining requirements and development in the upstream. SFC management templates will depend on the API models of these projects. These projects do not have direct impact on Domino service itself, but has direct impact on how services that have VNFFGs are template.

Upstream Projects

  • OpenStack Parser:
    • Parser project provides main translation services for Tosca-based VNF and NS description. Domino plans to use Parser project as its main template translation service and hence any gaps in the Parser project such as handling policies will impact end to end Domino service capabilities.
  • OpenStack Heat:
    • Heat is the main resource orchestrator project in OpenStack and uses Heat Orchestration Template (HOT) files as inputs to create and perform lifecycle management for tenant services. Domino will initially depend on Heat and correspondingly on HOT.
  • Neutron/ONOS/ODL/Contrail:
    • Network controllers are the main entities to provide various connectivity services and their lifecycle management. SFC lifecycle management and upgrades will be important use cases for Domino and how SFCs are managed in each of these domains will impact how the VNFFGs defined in Tosca service descriptors are mapped onto different domains.
  • Open-O:
    • Open-O is an open source MANO project launched under LF and is an upstream project for Domino. The architectural details of Open-O may impact the design and interface choices for Domino.
  • OpenStack Tacker:
    • Tacker project targets an ETSI-NFV compliant VNFM and NFVO solution for OpenStack based VIM. Tacker itself is considered to be a generic VNFM from Open-O perspective. Tacker supports Tosca templates as inputs to orchestrate VNFs and NS over the OpenStack sites under its oversight. From Domino perspective, Tacker can join as a Domino Client to accept Tosca service templates from a cross-domain orchestrator.
  • JuJu:
    • JuJu is another versatile generic VNFM that can hook up to Open-O orchestrator. Whether and how it supports orchestration templates will define new requirements for template translation and mapping services.
  • Cloudify:
    • Cloudify can be a Tosca template producer.
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