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Project Name: OpenSteak Installer

  • Proposed name for the project: OPENSTEAK
  • Proposed name for the repository: opensteak
  • Project Category:
    • Integration & Testing

Project description

Opensteak will provide a deployment tool for OPNFV platform, leveraging Python, Puppet, Foreman - focusing on Ubuntu as the base Linux distribution.

Main objectives of OpenSteak:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 as based Linux distribution for compute and control nodes
  • Installation/configuration using Puppet modules (from upstream)
  • Foreman (consistency with other projects (Foreman/Quickstack installer)
  • Integration of OpenStack with various SDN controllers (e.g. MidoNet/ODL/OpenContrail)

Details on OpenSteak components (many of them are already in use by BGS):


  • Provide means to deploy VIM and NFVI using Python scripts, Foreman and Puppet
  • Integrate with OPNFV continuous integration and continuous deployment infrastructure and processes.


  • The "BGS" project (and Genesis as its evolution)
  • The "OCTOPUS" project
  • The "Pharos" project
  • The "FuncTest" project
  • The "Foreman/Quickstack" project

Planned deliverables

  • Python (and few bash) scripts to control Foreman API
  • Puppet modules to overseed upstream puppet modules
  • Scripts to integrate with octopus (continuous integration) and FuncTest

Proposed Release Schedule

  • When is the first release planned?
    • tbc
    • We already have a running version of OpenSteak in our labs without SDN controller
    • We need to add a SDN controller
    • We need to write some automation scripts
    • We need to write some integration scripts

Key Project Facts

Project Name: OPENSTEAK
Repo name: opensteak
Project Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State:
Primary Contact: Arnaud Morin
Project Lead: Arnaud Morin
Jira Project Name: opensteak
Jira Project Prefix: opensteak
mailing list tag [opensteak]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv-opensteak


  • Arnaud Morin -
  • David Blaisonneau
  • Morgan Richomme


  • tbc

Link to TSC approval: tbc

Link to approval of additional submitters: tbc

Link to PDF presentation done on July, 23rd


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