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Project Name:

  • Proposed name for the project: Reliability test (Vaccine)
  • Proposed name for the repository: vaccine
  • Project Categories: Integration & Testing

Project description:

This project aims to define and execute an appropriate set of tests in order to objectively measure the ability of fault tolerance and recover-ability for OPNFV platform.

The challenges result from failures of visualized network functions, failures of the underlying hardware and software infrastructure arising from conditions such as design faults, intrinsic wear out, operational mistakes, or other adverse conditions, e.g. natural disasters, excessive traffic demand, etc.

Network services have very high resilience and availability requirements, network operators and services providers need to guarantee that resilience and availability of their networks are not impaired when visualized network functions are introduced. The failures of Network services may be caused by faults of various layers , e.g. hardware, Hypervisor, VM and VNF. So it is necessary to test and verify whether NFV platform is able to handle the failures to meet various network services. This project will focus on the three layers hardware, Hypervisor and VM, using methods like fault injection, as shown below:


This project currently intends to test and verify whether the OPNFV infrastructure is able to handle the failures on various services, and to provide measures & metrics for the community on the reliability of OPNFV platform.

The initial scope of this project will include the following sections:

  • Test specification: define the reliability test specification by taking NFV-REL001 not limited as input ;
  • Test measures and metrics: establish reliability test measures and metrics to evaluate OPNFV infrastructure;
  • Test cases: provide test case to realize the reliability measures and metrics;
  • Test framework: provide a flexible reliability test framework to enable reliability test cases with some reliability test tools;
  • Test tools: integrate/develop reliability test tools. For realizing the reliability test measures and metrics and running test cases, some open source tools for reliability test will be firstly integrated and additional tools will be developed.

This project initially focuses on the following components:

  • Hardware
  • Hypervisor
  • VM
  • VIM


  • To be integrated in OPNFV Continuous Integration testing


  • Installers (Fuel/Compass/Foreman) provide the infrastructure layer under test.
  • “Octopus” provides the continuous integration test.
  • “Bottlenecks” provides the workload tools for verifying the reliability of infrastructure under load.
  • “Yardstick” provides some test stimuli tools for infrastructure verification.
  • This project collects test scenarios from “Doctor/HA/Multisite/Pinpoint/Prediction” as input of reliability test cases
  • This project takes the standard of ETSI ISG NFV as input, and intends to work with other related industry forums including but not limited to CQR working group.

Committers and Contributors:

Planned deliverables

  • Test measures & metrics and test cases for OPNFV platform reliability testing
  • Test framework for automatic test
  • Reliability test tools for fault injection and test workloads
  • Reference documentation for developer and user

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • Further development will align with release cadence of OPNFV
  • Intends to participate in the Brahmaputra release, providing test case examples and test demo

Key Project Facts

Project Name: Vaccine
Repo name: vaccine
Project Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State: Proposal
Primary Contact:
Project Lead: Xiaoli Wang
Jira Project Name: Vaccine
Jira Project Prefix: [vaccine]
mailing list tag [vaccine]

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