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Project: Pinpoint

Project description:

  • The overall goal of the Pinpoint project is to provide fault localization framework for NFVI and VIM layers focusing on network issues
  • Fault localization target is to deduce the exact source of a failure from a set of observed failure indications while reducing the time spent on analyzing problems.
  • Fault localization also identify performance bottlenecks easily revealing the true source of the various symptoms
  • Fault localization is also known as fault isolation, alarm/event correlation, and root cause analysis (RCA).

  • Other links to relevant reference sites/materials…
 ===== Key Project Facts =====
 Project Name:  Pinpoint 
 Repo name: pinpoint
 Project Category: Requirements
 Lifecycle State: Incubation 
 Primary Contact: Adi molkho\\
 Project Lead: Adi molkho
 Jira Project Name: Same as Project name
 Jira Project Prefix: PNT 
 mailing list tag: pinpoint 

Link to TSC approval of the project:


  • Guodayong (Huawei: )
  • Adam Itshar (Huawei:
  • Zhouxingwang (Joe) (Huawei: )
  • Zhipeng Huang (Huawei:
  • Srinivas Tadepalli (TCS:
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