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Promise Developer Guide

StormForge is written in CoffeeScript and runs on nodejs. Coffeescript is a transpiler to Javascript - means compiles one-to-one into the equivalent Java Script and there is no interpretation at runtime. Nodejs is a platform built on Chrome's Javascript runtime for easily building fast, scalable network applications.

More information and to learn CoffeeScript from here-

More information about nodejs from here -

Setting up Development Environment

NodeJS installation

Nodejs is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux and SunOS etc.,

There is no hard set recommendation to chose the OS but our suggestion is to use Linux OS (Ubuntu) and the document covers setting up development environment in Linux.

Install from package installer

Easiest way to install is by apt

sudo apt-get install node

Install a specific release

Download the binary from

NPM installation

NPM is nodejs package manager. npm is installed as part of Nodejs installation. If needed, npm can be updated to latest version by

sudo npm install npm -g

CoffeeScript Installation

CoffeeScript is installed by npm.

Here is the command to install

npm install -g coffee-script

To install specific version of coffeescript

npm config set registry

npm install -g coffee-script@1.0.1

TBD: Add information about installing plugins into other favourite editors.

Adding coffeescript plugin into VIM

The project adds coffescript support to vim. It covers syntax, indenting, comping and more.

Installation steps are here.

Code Guidelines

TBD: Expand further with rules listed down.

Planning to use the rules described in

How to Contribute?

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