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Compass4NFV Milestone D Report

1. If you have code are features frozen? y/n/na

Yes. On high level, the feature is frozen in the sense that no new features will be added.

2. If you have api/s, files or other interfaces that other projects rely on to integrate with your project are they frozen? y/n/na

No. The Genesis team is discussing on the details of a common set of configuration files for all installers. The details, if considered as APIs, are not finalized yet.

3. Are your test specifications frozen and provided to test projects? No additional use cases can be added to the release after this milestone (ie. feature projects have added the test cases for their project to the test team suite) y/n/na


4. If you require post-install processing have you consulted with CI (Octopus), CD (Releng), and/or companion test projects (functest, yardstick, etc) regarding scripts you may need to provide such as for install, set-env, run-test, clean-env?


5. If you have no code(e.g. documentation projects) - drafts of all deliverables exist and are ready for first review? y/n/na


6. List/describe your progress to date?

So far we have developed support of Openstack(kilo/Liberty) + ODL; ONOS (with OpenStack Juno).

7. Describe what you have remaining to do? (hint: You should only have completion of existing features and bug fixes to do. For test projects you will be developing remaining tests according to frozen specifications.)

- OpenContrail support is in progress. - Further work on OpenStack Liberty, and more variations in ODL, Ceph configuration - To support Genesis common requirements.

8. How confident are you that you will be complete for Milestone E/code freeze on Jan 5? Green/Yellow/Red


9. List any serious or blocking issues that are impeding progress on your project:

Potential issues in satisfying some requirements in Genesis, details of which are to be finalized.

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