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OpenStack credentials

This wiki page describes how to use the script to fetch the Openstack credentials automatically from your OpenStack deployment.

Some tests need to source the OpenStack credentials in order to run some actions against the OpenStack deployment from a Jumphost where the OpenStack python client is installed. In OPNFV, it is used before running the tests in the CI chain.


  • You need to have a running OpenStack deployment.
  • You need a jumphost from where you run the deployment with connectivity to the admin network.


These are the supported installers so far:

  • Fuel
  • Foreman
  • Compass

TBD: Apex and JOID

How to

Download the script from git:


Run it from your Jumphost:



  • -d ${TARGET_FILE}: is the target file that will be created containing the credentials
  • -i ${INSTALLER_TYPE}: is the installer type. It can be "fuel", "foreman, "compass" for now.
  • -a ${INSTALLER_IP}: is the IP of the VM that runs the actual deployment (For example, Fuel Master VM for Fuel, …)


 ./ -d ~/openstack.creds -i fuel -a
 source ~/openstack.creds
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