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SaltStack 4 NFV

Spirent has partnered with Cloudbase Solutions to build and release a suite of SaltStack scripts for deploying OpenStack, supporting Icehouse and Juno releases on multiple target hardware platforms. These scripts are being enhanced and extended to support the OPNFV scenarios. Anyone wishing to collaborate on this parallel effort is welcome to join.

It is recognized that there are many choices available for:

  • hardware choice (number of nics, cpu, ram, storage)
  • operating system distribution
  • devops tool
  • openstack distribution
  • networking solution (vswitch, contrail, etc)

Regarding devops tools: there are certainly many tools available each with their own pros and cons. Each organization will use the one best suited to their needs many times based on personal experience of the sysadmins. Changing from one tool to another is no easy task as the library of scripts can contain years of investment from hundreds of contributors. More and more these devops tools have moved beyond just the ability to update operating system configuration files. Now there are solutions to deploy fully working, highly secure and available, multi-node openstack platforms. Some organizations might use fuel, some native puppet, or packstack (RDO), others SaltStack, ansible, chef, while some hard core sysadmins might use bash.

With this in mind we started a project last year to build a flexible deployment framework to allow a profile to be built for each of the desired attributes. Based on the desired profile a machine can be configured with SaltStack in a repeatable manner. This allows us to tear down and rebuild machines multiple times a day as part of our automated testing solution.

We are working closely with the OpenDaylight and OpenStack developers to bring more components into this testing framework.

Since the OPNFV Getting Started project is not using Salt, it is our intention to follow along as closely as possible to provide a platform with similar capabilities. The end result should be the same:

  • Centos 6.5 or 7 or Ubuntu 12 or 14 OS (we support all 4)
  • kernel parameters for CPU and RAM constraints
  • 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 NICS (1g or 10g)
  • OpenStack Icehouse or Juno (we can follow kilo too if desired)
  • currently we’ve only tested on the bare metal hardware cloud provider Nephoscale as they allow us to host the Spirent test gear there so we get the benefits of timing and high performance Prabu mentioned before.
  • all machines are requested and provisioned via the NephOS API which allows pxeboot and manages the networks

These salt scripts are available in git and are being developed and pushed upstream to the main SaltStack project by our partners Cloudbase Solutions

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