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StorPerf Packaging

StorPerf is available as a Docker container from

Building StorPerf from Master

Note this will build from the latest code merged to git.

StorPerf is built using the job configured under the Releng project:

This job is automatically triggered whenever new code is merged into the storperf git repository.

To manually build the StorPerf docker image, simply:

cd docker
docker build -t opnfv/storperf .

Building StorPerf from Local Clone

For development, you may want to build the docker container from your local repo, including changes which have not been committed. A helper script has been created for this:

Running that script will create a container called opnfv/storperf:dev which will be staged using your local repository. You can then enter the container with

docker run -t -i opnfv/storperf:dev /bin/bash

And you will find your repository in /home/opnfv/repos/storperf. You must also start the supervisord program manually in order for graphite and carbon to be available:

supervisord &
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