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-===== virtual ​Traffic Classifier in Yardstick ​ ======+===== Virtual ​Traffic Classifier in Yardstick ​ ====== 
 +Some of the test cases provided with Yardstick are based on the deployment and execution of a virtual Traffic Classifier (vTC) network function. 
 +For the execution of Test Cases 006, 007, 020 and 021 some hardware and configuration requirements are needed. This page describes these configuration requirements. 
 +==== Framework Hardware Dependencies ==== 
 +In order to run the framework there are some hardware related dependencies for ApexLake. 
 +=== DPDK dependecy === 
 +Yardstick and Apexlake need to be installed on the same physical node where DPDK-pktgen is installed. 
 +The installation of this component requires the physical node hosting the packet generator must have 2 physical Network Interface Cards (NICs) which are DPDK compatible. 
 +=== Switch configuration === 
 +The 2 NICs will be connected to the switch where the OpenStack VM network is managed. 
 +The switch used must also support multicast traffic and IGMP snooping. 
 +The corresponding ports to which the cables are connected need to be configured as VLAN trunks 
 +using two of the VLAN IDs available for OpenStack Neutron. 
 +=== Montreal Testbed configuration === 
 +A diagram of the configuration used in the Montreal Testbed is shown at the following link: 
 +{{::​opnfv-traffic-classifier-lab-setup-rev4.pdf|Testbed Configuration setup}}
-   * Information about the vTC  
-  ​ 
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