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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on November 05, 2015

  • Date and Time: 6:00am PST / UTC 14:00, Thursday November 05, 2015
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Ana Cunha (Ericsson)
    • Brian Smith (Bell Canada)
    • Dan Druta (AT&T)
    • Dave Neary (Red Hat)
    • Debra Scott (OPNFV)
    • Julien Zhang (ZTE)
    • Larry Lamers (VMWare)
    • Malla Reddy Sama (DoCoMo)
    • Manuel Rebellon (Sandvine)
    • Mark Gray (Intel)
    • Mark Szczesniak (Casa)
    • Serge Manning (Sprint)

IRC Record:

Team started to share what was happening in OpenStack Summit last week.

Dave Neary (RedHat) heard that NFV is a very prominent topic in OpenStack summit last week in both keynote and breakout sessions. On the other hand, OPNFV is not as prominent as NFV (as a use case), and we need to do more work to promote OPNFV.

Larry Lamers (VMWare) shared that at ETSI meeting last week in New Jersey, they seemed to have had formal efforts on the way of alignment with OPNFV and OpenStack. We need to do better advertising next year. Brahmaputra Release is better than Arno.

Bin (AT&T) said that Arno is a reference integration to prove that OPNFV platform is working. The next Brahmaputra Release is a lab-ready platform so that stakeholders will be able to experiment every possible VNFs and innovations there. So we will be in a better shape to promote OPNFV in industry.

Larry indicated that telco needs more than OpenStack. OPNFV brings the ability of a more complete solution. But general awareness is not there yet.

Dave agreed that OPNFV brings much more than OpenStack, for example the manageability of platform, security, etc.

Bin asked if OPNFV can bring more value by bringing MANO (VNFM, orchestration etc.).

Larry indicated that MANO is not a mainstream in OpenStack. Although there are different projects, such as Tacker, but those are not mainstream. The focus of OpenStack is still on enterprise. It is a two-edged sword. On one hand, they want to have telco on board. On the other hand, the cannot lose enterprise customers.

Manuel (Sandvine) asked because Arno is a reference release of OPNFV, Brahmaputra will be an improvement, when will OPNFV be put in production?

Dave Neary (RedHat) responded that we don't think OPNFV will be put in production. There will be OPNFV-based products, and there will be a test and certification process, such as Dovetail project is handling it. There is a Compliance and Certification Committee on Board. And Dovetail is handling technical part of C&C.

Bin added that OPNFV Releases provides a reference implementation, such as features and functions, and a benchmark. Vendors will have its own product based on OPNFV, with differentiation such as performance, security, compared to benchmark.

Manuel further asked how to run and make sure the products are compliant.

Dave answered that there is a C&C committee, and Dovetail projects to handle technical aspects. The 1st audience is hardware vendors, 2nd is SDN controller vendors. And it is still work in progress, and there will be Dovetail session in OPNFV Summit next week.

Bin said that Dovetail session will be 1:30pm-4:30pm on Tuesday next week. They are looking for requirement for testing and certification. Everyone is welcome to give the input.

Bin suggested to cancel the weekly meeting next week because of OPNFV Summit. Everyone agreed.

  • Upstream Feature Development and Cross-Project Collaboration - TBD
    • Status update on active items
    • Status update on areas of interest
    • Draft Blueprints Discussion
    • Other cross-project topics


  • Project Proposal Discussion

Author wasn't present. An email from the author suggested to postpone to next meeting.

Meeting adjourned.

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