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Minutes of Technical Community Discussion on February 18, 2016

  • Date and Time: 6:00am PST / UTC 14:00, Thursday February 18, 2016
  • Convener: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Dave Neary (Red Hat)
    • Debra Scott (OPNFV)
    • Gerald Kunzmann (DoCoMo)
    • Jonas Arndt (HPE)
    • Lingli Deng (China Mobile)
    • Malla Reddy Sama (DoCoMo)
    • Mark D Gray (Intel)
    • Mark Szczesniak (Casa)
    • Maryam Tahhan (Intel)
    • Mathivanan Naickan Palanivelu (Oracle)
    • Noel McLoughlin (Ericsson)
    • Pasi Vaananen (Artesyn)(Stratus)
    • Qiao Fu (China Mobile)
    • Tony Finnerty
    • Ulrich Kleber (Huawei)
    • Viliam Luc (Cisco)
    • Weidong Shao (Huawei)
    • Yaoguang Wang (Huawei)
  • Project Proposal Discussion

Mathi (Oracle) and Jonas (HPE) introduced this proposal.

The discussion began with questions such as if those terminologies such as controller and payload are all from OpenSAF, whether or not both controller node and payload node can run apps, and whether or not payload is a VM running apps. Mathi and Jonas clarified that all those are from OpenSAF. Both controller node and payload node can run apps, and payload can be either a VM or a physical host.

Discussion moved on to how OpenSAF is aligned with ETSI NFV Reference Architecture, what is the role OpenSAF will play in the architecture and how it fits in OPNFV.

It was recognized that there was a discussion with HA project on Wednesday, and HA PTL indicated that OpenSAF could be a potential solution to achieve the requirement of HA project. Mathi and Jonas also clarified that OpenSAF can solve 90% of HA requirement.

Through discussion, there is no doubt of the value that OpenSAF brings to OPNFV community. The primary concerns include:
- OPNFV has been focusing on host-based NFV platform, while OpenSAF brings guest-based solution for HA requirement. So it may be good for OpenSAF experts to join the work in HA project and realize the value of OpenSAF.
- OpenSAF is a source code based community, while OPNFV is focused on requirement, integration and testing. OPNFV expects upstream community for source code development and hosting. So OpenSAF might be a good upstream community for achieving HA requirement in OPNFV, while it may not be the best fit as a standalone OPNFV project.
- OpenSAF is LGPL v2.1 licensed, and OPNFV is Apache 2 licensed. Jonas indicated that OpenSAF is moving to Apache 2.0 in a near future.

Community feels that we need to be careful in assessing whether or not to have a single OpenSAF project in OPNFV.

It is recommended that a practical way to move forward is that OpenSAF experts join the regular work in HA project, and help HA project realize the HA requirement through developing solutions and guidelines.

Because discussion passed 7:00am PST, the session was terminated automatically.

Meeting adjourned.

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