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VSPERF Release Plan

This Page will maintain the release plans for VSPERF

VSPERF Scrum Board and backlog

Release Plans

Brahmaputra Release


Our goals for the VSPERF test framework this release are:

  • Support our 3 base deployment scenarios: P2P, PVP and PVVP
  • CI Support and integration for VSPERF
  • Support Vanilla OVS and OVS with DPDK.
  • Support all RFC2544 defined tests.
  • Support IMIX traffic testing with RFC 2544.
  • Support IXIA, Spirent, Moongen and Xena.
  • Participate in opnfv_test_dashboard

Stretch Goal:

  • Support IP routing on the switch, as well as simple port forwarding
  • RFC2544 Scalability tests (Implementation)
  • LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.Profile (Implementation)
  • LTD.Throughput.RFC2544.SystemRecoveryTime (Implementation)



Make sure stories reference this Epic and have the VSPERF and R2 Label


Interaction with other OPNFV projects

We would like to collaborate with Yardstick on their vswitch performance tests and the OPNFV dashboard for Release B.

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