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Project name Yardstick

2. Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/Yellow/Red; GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues Green

3.Name of person providing status Ana Cunha

4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2)

5. a link to your Jira dashboard (Kanban board:

6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira Yardstick has Jira tasks to support following Projects with testing (in addition to NFVI test cases developed by Yardstick): HA, KVM, SFC, IPv6, ARMBAND, SDNVPN, VNF-FG Dependency to Functest for common testing results API and common testing tasks, Releng for automation and for centralized dB, Octopus for CI pipeline, Pharos for lab resources

7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile) Ready and operational Yardstick team uses Kanban.

8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints Ready and operational Yardstick team uses Kanban.

9.a statement about any issues you have Hardware – several installers in Genesis and many feature projects delivering SW implies large number of possible combinations, there is a need to define what scenarios will be verified and assign lab resources. & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete Jira ready for now, new requests/tasks will be added as the SW development progresses. and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now Yardstick team is operational, see dashboard and Kanban board for task status.

12.a statement summarizing your project risk analysis & planning status See point 9.

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