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 +Project name
 +2. Project status indicator for milestone C readiness: Green/​Yellow/​Red;​ GREEN = on track; YELLOW = working minor issues to get back on track; RED = offtrack with major issues
 + Green
 +3.Name of person providing status
 + Ana Cunha
 +4.a link to your Jira tasks (filtered on R2)
 + ​https://​​issues/?​jql=project%20%3D%20YARDSTICK%20AND%20labels%20%3D%20R2
 +5. a link to your Jira dashboard
 +(Kanban board: https://​​secure/​RapidBoard.jspa?​rapidView=19)
 +6.a statement of your progress at linking cross project dependencies in Jira
 +Yardstick has Jira tasks to support following Projects with testing (in addition to NFVI test cases developed by Yardstick): HA, KVM, SFC, IPv6, ARMBAND, SDNVPN, VNF-FG
 +Dependency to Functest for common testing results API and common testing tasks, Releng for automation and for centralized dB, Octopus for CI pipeline, Pharos for lab resources
 +7.a statement of your readiness (detailed planning complete & in Jira) for your first sprint or first development cycle (if not agile)
 +Ready and operational
 +Yardstick team uses Kanban.
 +8.a statement of your readiness (high level planning complete & in Jira) for future sprints
 +Ready and operational
 +Yardstick team uses Kanban.
 +9.a statement about any issues you have
 +Hardware – several installers in Genesis and many feature projects delivering SW implies large number of possible combinations,​ there is a need to define what scenarios will be verified and assign lab resources.
 + & when you will finish getting your tasks & dependencies into Jira if not complete
 +Jira ready for now, new requests/​tasks will be added as the SW development progresses.
 + and when you will get ready to start development for Brahmaputra if not ready now
 +Yardstick team is operational,​ see dashboard and Kanban board for task status.
 +12.a statement summarizing your project risk analysis & planning status
 +See point 9.
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