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Nomination Statements

Final nomination statements for 2015 Annual Awards


Contributions to OPNFV:

Please add your nomination statements below using the template at the top of the page.

Name: Tim Rozet
Company: Red Hat
Contributions to OPNFV: Contributions to the BGS project, and active support of OPNFV users. It’s not just the help he has provided, but the way he does it. He goes out of his way to make sure we have the answer we want, as opposed to just giving the information he thinks should be sufficient for us to move forward.

Name: Tommy Lindgren
Company: Ericsson
Contributions to OPNFV: Contributions to the Doctor Project and successful submissions of Fault management specific blueprints upstream into OpenStack

Name: Frank Brockners
Company: Cisco
Contributions to OPNFV: BGS, Genesis project leader, constantly working to get alignment across multiple groups, very focussed on concrete steps to make OPNFV successful

Name: Bin Hu
Company: AT&T
Contributions to OPNFV: Runs the technical meeting every Thursday without fail, providing an important service of peer review to new project proposals. Also leads the IPv6 activity.

(Another nomination Statement)
Consistent and significant contribution to the maturity and success of OPNFV as a community for the entire year since the inauguration of OPNFV, including:
(1) He runs the technical meeting every Thursday during the entire year for peer review of every project proposal. This is critically important at the initial and difficult stage of starting up OPNFV, incubating projects and building up our community, which significantly contributed to the maturity and success of OPNFV as a community today.
(2) He is the top (#1) contributor of OPNFV wiki pages / contents, which is another significant contribution to OPNFV as a community today.
(3) He also organizes community review of blueprints resulting from various projects, whenever available throughout the year, such as Doctor and Multisite, and community discussion of cross-project topic such as Intent.
(4) He is the PTL of IPv6 project, and successfully lead the team to perform gap analysis with OpenStack and Open Daylight, and deliver Proof-of-Concept of IPv6 infrastructure in both native OpenStack environment and integrated OS+ODL environment.
In a word, throughout the entire year, Bin Hu has consistently and significantly contributed to the maturity and success of OPNFV as a community today as well as to the success of IPv6 project as PTL, and is the top (#1) contributor to OPNFV wiki. Thus I nominate Bin Hu for OPNFV Annual Award.

Name: Peter Lee
Company: ClearPath Networks Contributions to OPNFV: Leading/driving the OPNFV Promise Project efforts from its inception, from requirements to alignment across multiple groups to community building to provide open source code and finally to implementation. Steadfast contributions with code submissions, open-sourcing an innovative tool (YangForge) that accelerates run-time models generation by automatically generating APIs against an input Yang data schema. Yangforge has been used by Peter to produce the first prototype of Resource Reservation feature proposed by OPNFV Project Promise; the expectation is that YangForge will be leverage across other projects as well.

Name: Iben Rodriguez
Company: Spirent
Contributions to OPNFV: Major contribution & direction to QTIP, Pharos, MAAS and ipv6 projects. He is always available to help and goes out of his way for OPNFV projects.

Name: Dave Neary
Company: Red Hat
Contributions to OPNFV: For his community building efforts not only within OPNFV , but also with upstream communities such as OpenDaylight and OpenStack.

Name: Fatih Degirmenci
Company: Ericsson
Contributions to OPNFV: Major contribution to Octopus, Releng and Pharos. Always available to support the different test and installer projects.

Name: Ulrich Kleber
Company: Huawei
Contributions to OPNFV: Major contribution and direction to Octopus. Enthusiastic ambassador of OPNFV

Name: Jose Lausuch
Company: Ericsson
Contributions to OPNFV: Major contribution to Functest. Always available to support integration and installer teams, performing demos. He did not count his time for OPNFV releases

Name: Ryota Mibu
Company: NEC
Contributions to OPNFV: for excellent lead of the Doctor project, which is one of the most successful OPNFV requirement projects in the last year. His dedication and motivation in the project resulted in a clear path forward with several blueprints already being proposed and accepted upstream. The project was able to attract many additional supporters and Ryota was fruitfully reaching out to different upstream communities like Ceilometer, Nova, Monasca. Due to his engagement within Ceilometer/Aodh he was recently elected core developer for Aodh. Moreover, Ryota is continuously promoting the OPNFV project in various presentations at different occasions, like the OpenStack summits.

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