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Compass Guide

This page aims to provide step by step guide to install and set up an OPNFV targeted environment.


Compass – An ansible framework responsible kicking off distributed system builds installation and configuration including OS provision, OpenStack and OpenDaylight packages installation and configuration.

Host HW/VM requirements

A x86_64 host (physical machine or VM) - 100 GB storage - 8 GB RAM

Host SW requirements

Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed

Introduction of Compass for OPNFV targeted environment

Compass install OpenStack targeted environment with 3 controller in HA mode and 2 compute, and OpenDayLight on the 3 controller which make one cluster and connect with OpenStack via ML2 plugin.

It also support installing OpenStack+OpenDayLight in HA mode or singleton mode on 5 VMs or 5 physical machines.

It runs on the host and creates a VM for running Compass-Core as a installation server(Centos6.5), then creates 5 VMs as 3 controller and 2 compute or acts as a DHCP server to detect the physical machines assigned via Compass web by user and install OpenStack+OpenDayLight in the mode also assigned by user on them.


to be continued…

Installation step on VMs

Obtain compass

git clone

Deploy compass to install in HA mode

cd genesis
./ci/ cluster

The environment installed on VM is called small BGS which is used to verification for the environment installed on physical machines called big BGS to avoid some problems code destroying big BGS.

Installation on baremetal

to be continued…


For big BGS(physical machines)

At least 5 baremetal servers and 1 master server as host, with 3 interfaces minimum, all connected without VLAN in the same network. Compass is executed on the master server(physical machine or VM) which should be installed Ubuntu 14.04. Compass will act as a DHCP server which is able to detect 5 baremetal servers.

For small BGS(VMs)

At least x86_64 host with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS installed - 200 GB storage - 128 GB RAM


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