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Getting started for developers

Step 1: Get your account and access in place

There are some simple steps you will need to take to set up your account and get access to the OPNFV infrastructure. Check out how to set up Your account, Gerrit & Git

IT Support

If you encounter technical issues, you can file a support ticket by sending an email to:

Step 2: Join the community

Subscribe to the mailing lists and get on IRC to find a project to collaborate on.

Step 3: Joining a project and contributing

to be filled in

Starting a new project

After the project creation is approved by the TSC, send a request to get your Gerritt repo setup to

NOTE: The first time you make a submission, it will be "rejected" and you will be asked to acknowledge the IP Policy (incl. the Developer's Certificate of Origin). Once the IP Policy is acknowledged, you will be able to make submissions.

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