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Getting Started with Code Access for Developers

Your account, Gerrit & Git

Linux Foundation ID

For access to OPNFV's infrastructure, you will need a LinuxFoundation account. (Please use your company email address for the Linux Foundation account)


OPNFV uses Git repositories for our code, documentation, and test artifacts. Git is a common tool for open source collaborative projects and there are many resources to help you become a master at working with Git. A good place to start is the Git how to guide.

Our development processes will help guide you how to work with each project type. Once that material is ready we will provide links here for performing various tasks in OPNFV. For now you can get started by browsing the projects on Gerrit and setting up your security. Git-Review as listed below is a great tool for simplifying the basics when working with Git.


Gerrit is our code review and maintenance vehicle, this is where you will go to comment and review existing patches, this is where your patches will show up once you have pushed them to the Git repository. You can subscribe to be notified to any changes to projects you are interested in. Use your LinuxFoundation ID and log in to the opnfv Gerrit site.

Below are several howto's below on setting up git and getting started with Gerrit:

Step-by-step instructions and screenshots for getting Gerrit access and working with git mediawiki's site for Git Gerritt

Once you have setup git and created your ssh key you can register your SSH public key in Gerrit here:

You can also get a password from Gerrit UI and use this instead of SSH key

Git-review is a command-line tool for Git / Gerrit. It makes it easier to configure git, to submit a change or to fetch an existing one. Opendaylight's page on working with git-review

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