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OPNFV Project ABC's

This guide is intended to provide information about how we run projects in OPNFV.

Most activities in OPNFV are achieved in the context of a project that is created and facilitated through the Technical Steering Committee. Each project in OPNFV is open to anyone to participate in and contribute to, you just need to sign up and get started.

Project leadership

Each project created in OPNFV has a core set of specific contributors who manage the project, review contributions, and provide leadership for the activity. These are the project committers.

When a project is created a core group of people that care about the project and it's development are nominated as the initial committers of an OPNFV project. These people are entrusted with the establishment of the project and engaging further community members in the project.

For general project management and coordination one of the project committers is appointed by his or her peers to act as the project leader. A project leader facilitates the project passing milestones and providing the needed deliverables for the project to participate in an OPNFV release.

Becoming a committer

After project creation committers will be added to a project based on merit and approved by the TSC. This is known as a committer promotion.

If a contributor who plays a significant role in the project with a history of contributions and has earned the trust of the existing committers wishes to become a committer on the project they can be nominated by the Project Leader for committer promotion.

Committers on the project may at time to time wish to stand down as committers, this process is designed to be voluntary and at the discretion of the committer in question. In some situations a committer may not voluntarily stand down, procedures around this are documented on the committer removal page.

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