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OPNFV Platform Cold System Install

The following table provides the OPNFV Platform cold system install test suites and cases.

Test Id Title Type Description/Procedure Pass/Fail Criteria Target Release Automation Required
F-001-001 Installer Setup Test Boot up the install server or VM and verify connectivity to control network, Management network and switches. Download OPNFV release software. Start the OPNFV installer setup Test script should run to completion, downloading all necessary packages required and indicate Pass R1.0 Yes
F-001-002 PXE Boot of servers Test Configure the installer required configuration to identify the servers in the system. Provide the MAC address range and the IP address range for control network, Mgmt Network etc. Start the Installer script to launch the system install. The installer verifies the configuration and PXE boots all servers and makes it ready for the OPNFV upstream software package installation. 1. All system services are up and running on all nodes. 2. Node connectivity testing, v4 ping, v6 ping of all nodes pass. 3. Necessary admin users are created on all nodes. 4. ssh connectivity works on all nodes and the configured public keys are installed. 5. System logs on all nodes indicate successful installation, no critical errors. 6. KVM is installed properly on all computes. R1.0 Yes
F-001-003 Basic Services Install Test Proceed with the second phase of installer to setup the basic services required. The Basic services include NTP, Puppet/Juju/XXXX, MySQL, CEPH, OpenVSwitch etc. 1. Verify clocks are synchronized on all nodes. 2. Verify MySql Server is up and running. 3. Verify Rabbit MQ is installed and operating correctly. 4. Verify CEPH OSDs are operational. 5. Verify CEPH MON services are running. 6. Verify the CEPH clusters are foremed correctly. 7. Verify OVSDB is up on relevant nodes.R1.0 Yes
F-001-004 Openstack release Install Test Process with the next phase of the installer to setup openstack. Configure the nodes appropriately to identify the controller nodes (HA), compute nodes. 1. Verify keystone services are up and running. 2. Verify nova-manage service list returns all nodes in the system with smiley face. 3. Verify Cinder-manage volume list. 4. Verify Heat is installed correctly, heat status. 5. Verify Horizon is installed properly. Able to login into Horizon from the installer node and the admin users are created. 6. Note that neutron services may not be up as the ODL controller setup is required for it to work properly. R1.0 Yes
F-001-005 ODL Install Proceed with the next phase of the install to setup ODL. Identify the ODL services and nodes required. Configure the MD-SAL and relevant plugins (more detail required). Verify ODL is operational R1.0 Yes
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