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Fuel@OPNFV Brahmaputra Work-package 1 concluded

Today - November 13 2016, Fuel@OPNFV concluded the first set-out work-package: WP1. Collaborative project teams and contributors- as well as the OPNFV@Fuel team are proud to announce that we now have WP1 concluded including the following high-level deliverables:

  • Rebased to OpenStack Kilo / Fuel 7.0
    • Build system rebased
    • Deploy system rebased
    • Support systems rebased (including OPNFV CI-pipeline, and developers pipeline)
  • Service function chaining
    • OVS-DPDK 2.4 with Network Service Header (NSH) additions
    • ODL adapted/configures for service function chaining - not fully working yet
  • KVMNFV (KVM for NFV )
    • QEMU patch/fuel plug-in
  • OpenContrail
    • TBD

What will happen now?

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