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Functest:ONOS test

  • ONOS ML2 test content
  • Test Design
  • Test Cases
  • Test principle

ONOS ML2 test content

Feature Function
Virtual Network Northbound API Network Create/Update/Delete
Subnet Create/Update/Delete
Virtualport Create/Update/Delete
Ovsdb function Test Ovsdb connection setup/Default configuration send
Openflow connection setup automaticly/Default openflow table install
VM go online and fullmesh vxlan build/VM can reach each other

Test Design

Level 1:Testing NB API.Take the method of sending json message to test network/subnet/port api.The testing actions will include post/get/delete/put.

Level 2:Testing OVSDB . This method need to develop a number of api,and call ovsdb features from these api to check if the ovs config correctly.

Level 3:Testing VM go online.Using hosts of mininet to simulate the vm of the compute node.

Test Cases

Virtual-net northbound test cases, see details: Link

Ovsdbtest test cases, see details:Link

Test Principle

1.Test will only use all the functionality related to intents and other sub system in the CLI application

2.There will be repetitive verification before and after an event

3.Use of dependency python files to extend the test script functions for code reusability

4.The test can be extended for more low-level verification

5.Testing disregards performance of any application or subsystem used and focused entirely on the functionality of the system

6.Passing criteria of each cases should always include device connectivity

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