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Compass Current Status


Compass is an open source platform for deploying distributed systems, including OpenStack. It has a plug-in structure for hardware discovery, OS provisioning and package installation and configuration. As for OPNFV BGS experiment, Compass use cobbler and ansible as the deployment engine and provides restful APIs. It is going to support installing OpenStack Juno and ODL Helium.

What to Support

  • Hardware discovery
  • OS provisioning
  • OpenStack distributed installation with HA mode(3 controller + 2 compute)
  • OpenDayLight distributed installation on 3 controller to be a cluster
  • Configure OpenStack connected with OpenDayLight via ML2 plugin.

Status Update


  • Compass installation and verification on VM are finished, and problem about database MySql in HA mode is resolved, considering about ODL Helium release has bug, ODL integration testing will be delayed. Part of Compass code related with VM will be push to the community.
  • Compass installation on HW starts.


  • Compass installation on VM is finished, but the database MySql in HA mode is not stable, investigating is still on going.


  • Compass scripts is finished and verification on VM is ongoing
  • Openstack has been installed on 5 VMs(3 controller + 2 compute) and verification is finished
  • OpenDayLight verification is ongoing
  • OpenStack in HA mode is not stable because of network issue
  • Network broken problem always happened in downloading packages during the OpenStack Installation causes Compass execution failed
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