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VSPERF Project Readouts

Readout Author Slides Notes
Isolating Functions in the System Under Test (Version 1) Al Morton isolating_functions.pdf isolating_functions_1.1.pdf isolating_functions_1.2.pdf Updates and expansions of this deck are in-progress, see next version
DPDK vSwitch Benchmarking Results Uploaded by Gurpreet Singh overture-networks-nfv-performance-benchmarking-for-vcpe.pdf Public test report for DPDK enabled vSwitch
IETF 93 Presentation Draft Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan benchmarking_vswitches_in_opnfv_1.2.pdf benchmarking_vswitches_in_opnfv_1.6_aspect_4_3.pdf
OPNFV Project Setup Maryam Tahhan opnfv_project_setup.pdf
Test and Performance subgroup Demo Maryam Tahhan test_and_performance_subgroup_demo_ww35.4.pptx
Yardstick/VSPERF joint design session Maryam Tahhan vsperf_yardstick_joint_design_session.pptx
vNet-SLA – readout to vsperf Maciek Konstantynowicz and Miroslav Miklus vnet-sla-vsperf-v2.pptx
IETF - 94 Presentation Draft update Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan benchmarking_vswitches_in_opnfv_1.2_aspect_4_3.pptx
VM2VM discussion Part 1 Al Morton, Maryam Tahhan vsperf_-_vm2vm_alternate.pptx
VSPERF Release B Overview Maryam Tahhan vsperf_release_b_overview.pptx
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