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Dated Apr 14, 2015 <narindergupta> hi <Vagish> hi <rprakash> Good start <rprakash> Two server in lab, one has juju opnfvd and opfvc has openstack + odl on it <rprakash> we are talking Huawei lab <rprakash> same with Intel lab <narindergupta> jump server have two VMs <narindergupta> one with MAAS <narindergupta> other juju bootstrap node <rprakash> Jump server has 2 vms , one is the MaaS and other VM is JujU Bootstrap <rprakash> JOID = JuJU Overlay Infra Deployment <Vagish> JOID juju Overlay Infra Deployment <narindergupta> uju OPNFV Infrastructure Deployer - JOID <rprakash> POD we have on Huawei - Acess? <rprakash> Intel POD3 is current and will be POD5 later <rprakash> Jira? <rprakash> BGS-17 <rprakash> Creating a Canonical disctro called JOID <rprakash> Vagish any LF acoount <narindergupta> OCTO-19 <narindergupta> OCTO-14 <narindergupta> OCTO-19 and OCTO-20 <rprakash> Octopus OCTO-40 is the mail task <rprakash> not 40 but 14 <rprakash> main 14, sub tasks 19 and 20 <rprakash> 14 completes if Jenkin Master is connected to Jenkin Slave <rprakash> Jm is at LF <rprakash> Js is at Lab <rprakash> We were planning to connect Intel POD5 to LF for 2-3 weeks to claim Rel 1 <rprakash> AI - Narinder you send an email POD5 yes we want here are three commiters <rprakash> =opnfvc <rprakash> 233 =opnfvd <rprakash> two VMS MaaS and Juju BS on onfvc <rprakash> jenkins master has a tempalte to fill in to inovoke a call to Jenskins slave to start Juju script <rprakash> LF 14 has build and deploy connected to JM <rprakash> ssh -H <narindergupta> ssh -X <Vagish> ssh -X <narindergupta> <rprakash> create a multi-node install from MaaS in BGS and adda as a community activity ifr Intel POD 5 <rprakash> Release 1 OPNFV opnfv+odl in 1 server and 2nd server called HA pair <rprakash> So for now we follow the Rel 1 model for Intel POD5 <rprakash> Bundles may be seperate <narindergupta>

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