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Agenda of IPv6 Project Meeting on July 24, 2015

  • Roll call
  • Admin Update
    • Jira issue status
    • Gerrit repo status
  • PoC 1 Status Update - IPv6 VM Design as vRouter
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-3 Experiment and document instructions on getting a service VM running as a vRouter
      • Documentation on Snapshot image of an IPv6-Router-VM
      • Progress Update from Mark in terms of setting up the same experiment in OpenStack Kilo environment
      • Progress Update from Prakash and Sridhar of the same experiment
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-4 Experiment and document instructions on disabling anti-spoofing rules
      • Applying Sridhar's Anti-spoofing patch to disable anti-spoofing rule in Neutron of Juno
      • Progress Update from Mark
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-5 Experiment and document instructions on using Neutron ML2 Port Security Extension
      • Applying Sridhar's instruction to experiment it
      • Progress update from Mark
  • ISO Structure Discussion
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-6 Propose Metadata structure of IPv6 ISO
      • Progress update from Prakash and Iben in terms of brown field experience, and vPING and vLOOP.
  • Multisite IPv6 Community Lab and Test Cases
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-7 Experiment and document instructions on Jenkins integration
      • Progress update from Iben
    • JIRA: IPVSIX-9 Setup IPv6 in OPNFV Community Test Labs
      • Progress update from Iben
    • Build Structure Discussion
      • Progress update from Sridhar
  • Next Step
  • AOB
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