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Agenda of OSCAR Project Meeting on April 03, 2015

  • Roll call
  • Review original proposal deck plus architecture concepts oscar_target_v2.pptx
  • Decide next steps


  • Stuart Mackie (Juniper Networks)
  • Arnaud Morin (Orange)
  • Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Michael Brenner (ClearPath)
  • David Blaisonneau (Orange)
  • Konstantin Babenko (ngnWare)
  • Maria Toeroe (Ericsson)
  • Larry Lamers (VMware)
  • Xiaolong Kong (Orange)
  • Cliff Young (ClearPath)


  • We went through a deck that reviewed the original proposal for attendees who did not see it before, and included some additional slides looking at architecture and possible alignment with existing OpenStack projects.
  • The deck points out the requirement for clean abstraction between stack management features and the APIs of tools that will actually push images to servers and configure packages.
  • It looks as if Openstack Heat for stack management and OpenStack Ironic perform similar functions to what we are thinking OSCAR should do, at least for provisioning of bare metal. Package configuration is a separate task.

Next Steps

  • Investigate the OpenStack projects Heat and Ironic to assess if they can be leveraged - OSCAR team needs to decide if it will be more effective to build their own stuff (exactly to our spec), or be part of a wider development community where compromises may have to be made on features and timescales.
  • Start to flesh out the requirements of the OSCAR northbound API and the standard invocations to underlying tools.
  • Assign roles and responsibilities among the team
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