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Minutes of IPv6 Project Meeting on March 18, 2016

  • Date and Time: PDT 8:00am / UTC 15:00, Friday March 18, 2016
  • Chair: Bin Hu (AT&T)
  • Participants:
    • Iben Rodriguez (Spirent)
    • Jonne Soininen (Nokia)
    • Prakash Ramchandran (Huawei)

We need to figure out the details of what work are needed in installers. Prakash will look into Compass. Iben will look into Juju. Bin will look into Fuel and Apex.

The biggest challenge is the infrastructure resources that can be used to run installers and test. Iben will look into infrastructure resources.

  • Multisite IPv6

In theory, current setup ( already supports multisite IPv6 in terms of VMs in different IPv6 networks at different sites can ping each other through vRouters at each site, as long as vRouter can have ext-net that supports IPv6 traffic through a physical IPv6 router with external sites. But we don't have 2 physical sites to validate this.

See diagram If the same topology is deployed on different sites, as long as vRouter can connect to an external physical IPv6 router for external IPv6 traffic, VMs on different IPv6 networks at different sites can ping each other.

However, we need to evolve multisite at a higher level, such as VPN connectivity, HA, geographical redundancy etc.

Bin will work with Multisite PTL to further explore this topic.

  • Setup Status on ONOS

Prakash will continue to look into ONOS

  • Setup Status on Contrail


  • Other use cases


  • Next Step

Bin work on project plan for Milestone 2 by April 8.

  • AOB

Meeting adjourned.

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