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C Release Planning

According to our roadmap, we have successfully accomplished our Phase 1 Work in Brahmaputra Release covering the design and implementation of IPv6 vRouter using service VM in native OpenStack environment and ODL-integrated environment.

In Phase 2, we are planning the following features for C Release:

  • IPv6-only infrastructure deployment by installers
  • Extend IPv6 vRouter Connectivity to External IPv6 Networks
  • Extend IPv6 vRouter Connectivity to Multisite Pharos Labs
  • IPv6 Gap Analysis with Official Components of OpenStack and ODL in C Release. This includes:
    • OpenStack Mitaka Release (targeted on April 7, 2016)
    • ODL Boron Release (target date TBD)
  • Service VM as IPv6 vRouter in OpenContrail-integrated environment
  • Service VM as IPv6 vRouter in ONOS-integrated environment

Depending on resource availability, detailed plan and deliverables will be defined by Milestone 2 (April 8).

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