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Service VM as IPv6 vRouter

There are three major phases in our bottom up exercise:
- Exercise of a VM running as a vRouter
- A meta data structure of an ISO image as a deployable package
- Integrate with Jenkins for automatic build

VM Design as a vRouter

There are 3 steps here:
- Get a service VM running
- Disable Anti-spoofing Rule (already available in Kilo, and patch available for Juno) Or If running on Kilo, use Port Security Extension of Neutron.
- Set up an IPv6 vRouter on a Service VM

Get a Service VM Running

Please click Here for instructions to get a service VM running

Disable Anti-spoofing Rule (Juno)

If using Juno code-base, the following patch can be applied to disable Anti-Spoofing rules applied by Neutron.

Using Neutron ML2 Port Security Extension (Kilo)

In OpenStack Kilo release, support for Neutron port-security extension was added to the ML2 driver. It allows us to create ports where Neutron does not apply any anti-spoofing rules which can come in the way of Service VM use-cases.

Set up an IPv6 vRouter on Service VM

Please click here for instructions to set up an IPv6 vRouter on a Service VM.

Metadata Structure

Please click here for Metadata Structure.

Jenkins Integration

Please click here for Jenkins Integration


Laptop option - you have a VirtualBox + with CentOS7 "centos7vm" installed.

This is an exercise to get you create an IPv6 vanila vm before you jump to VM running vRouter

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