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To indicate your readiness to integrate your project with JOID please follow the process described below:

Integration request:

  1. Create a request as a JIRA issue in JOID project:
    • Project Description
    • Use cases
    • Project page link
    • Add main project contact person as an assignee for the issue
    • ETA for charm completion
  2. Send email to JOID team with link of JIRA issue you created in the previous step.
  3. Join JOID team at #opnfv-joid

How to write a Charm for your project

  1. Read Juju Charm development documentation:
  2. Develop and test charm for your project, VNF or feature. (or update existing charm or bundle).
  3. Submit your charm or/and bundle to the Juju store:
  4. After review submission ask JOID team to integrate your charm or bundle into JOID installer

Integrated Projects list (in progress)

Projects listed below either have been integrated or in progress for Integration.

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