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How to update the lab info on this wiki


Details about Hosted Community OPNFV Test Labs are located in 3 different places.

  1. Summarized on the OPNFV wiki Start Page
  2. Overview with additional details on the Pharos Test Bed Governance Project Page
  3. With Project specific information on each project page

How to update the Start Page

  • Login and edit the OPNFV wiki Start Page
  • You will see a section of code as shown below. Add your page to the bullet list with wiki link, nice name, and location summary


==== OPNFV Community Labs ====
  * [[cablelabs_hosting|Cable Labs (TBD)]]
  * [[chinamobile_hosting|China Mobile (TBD)]]
  * [[dell_hosting|Dell - Santa Clara, California (TBD)]]
  * [[get_started/ericsson_hosting|Ericsson]]
  * [[huawei_hosting|Huawei - San Jose, California (TBD)]]
  * [[intel_hosting|Intel - Portland, Oregon]]
  * [[opnfv-orange|Orange - (TBD)]]
  * [[pharos/spirentvctlab|Spirent - San Jose, California]]

How to update the map info on the Pharos Project Page


<olmap id="olMapOne" width="800px" height="200px" lat="45.0" lon="0.0" zoom="3" statusbar="1" toolbar="1" controls="1" poihoverstyle="0" baselyr="OpenStreetMap" gpxfile="" kmlfile="">
50.0117,5.1287,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Pont de Barbouillons; Daverdisse \\ external link: 
39.90,116.35,60,.8,marker-red.png,China Mobile Labs;Beijing \\ external link: 
45.50,-73.66,60,.8,marker-blue.png,Ericsson Labs;Montreal \\
34.26,108.97,60,.8,marker-green.png, Huawei Labs;Xi an \\
45.53,-122.97,60,.8,marker-green.png,Intel Labs;Hillsboro \\
48.75867,-3.45196,60,.8,marker-gold.png,Orange Labs;Lannion \\
48.82,2.27,60,.8,marker-gold.png,Orange Labs;Paris \\
[[|]] \\ internal link: [[::start]]\\ **DW Formatting** 
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