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-MAAS +please see this page for requirements ​and getting started info...
- +
-**Metal as a Service**  +
- +
-Metal as a Service (MAAS) brings the language of the cloud to physical servers. It makes it easy to set up the hardware on which to deploy any service that needs to scale up and down dynamically;​ a cloud being just one example. +
- +
-With a simple web interface, you can add, commission, update, decommission and recycle your servers at will. As your needs change, you can respond rapidly, by adding new nodes and dynamically re-deploying them between services. When the time comes, nodes can be retired ​for use outside the MAAS. +
- +
-MAAS works closely with the service orchestration tool Juju to make deploying services fast, reliable, repeatable ​and scalable. more: https://​​ +
- +
-Note: We are going to utilize MAAS as a part of POD jump-start server so that OS deployment can be handled by MAAS and support Ubuntu, Centos, Windows or customized images (supported by MAAS process).  +
- +
-Currently MAAS supports all Major OEM (HP, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Sea-micro etc.) hardware which includes the power management of those hardware through IPMI as well as other power management software. +
- +
-{{ :​get_started:​maas-diagram.png?900 |}} +
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