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This page will collect information about modeling-related events planned by OPNFV and other organizations.

OPNFV Talks at Industry Events (upcoming)

  • At the MANO Meetup hosted by Brocade 3/22-23, Bryan will give an intro to the Models project: models_for_mano_meetup.pptx
  • NFV World Congress 2016 will include a Information Modeling workshop (Tuesday 19 April) organized by Tetsuya Nakamura and Michael Brenner, including plans to invite open source project SMEs e.g. from Rift.ware, Cloudify, JuJu, etc to attend and take part in a panel session on IM.

OPNFV Talks at Industry Events (past, most recent first)

  • ONS 2016 "NFV/SDN Information and Data Models in Standards and Open Source" session: ons_models.pptx
    • In addition to the content of the deck, Bryan and Artur showed:
      • a demo of OPNFV Brahmaputra running on one of the Ravello OPNFV blueprints created by Iben Rodriguez, focusing on the graphical representation of the blueprint in Ravello as an example of how such a UI can be used to develop a model of a VNF.
      • a demo of the JuJu Charms sandbox environment with the "clearwater" blueprint loaded, showing how simple it is to edit the components, and export a YAML file for the blueprint
  • The ETSI Information Modeling Workshop was the main inspiration for the Models project proposal.
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