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This page includes project plans for the Models project per the C release planning page.

Milestone expectations

MS0 : Project planning

  • Activities to be performed during this phase:
    • State your intention to participate in the C-Release: YES
    • establish release plan wiki: Models release plan
    • Define impacts on other projects;
      • installers: no impacts at this time
        • Models is not expected to result (by itself) in the addition of new components to the OPNFV reference platform. Rather, as needed components may be used in the FuncTest process similar to the use of Cloudify for the vIMS tests.
      • test projects
        • Functest: tests are expected to be contributed to the Functest library
        • Dovetail: use cases are expected to be contributed to the Dovetail library
      • documentation: normal support by documentation toolchain
      • Infrastructure (pharos/CI)
        • Models is expected to add additional tests to the CI/CD pipeline.
    • Include estimated time and resource plans
Task Estimated time/week Contributors
Outreach to SDOs, Open Source projects, OPNFV projects 2 hrs Bryan
Model research/analysis 2 hrs Dan
Tools research/analysis (including MANO components) 2 hrs Dan
Use case development/testing 2 hrs Bryan
  • Project plans in place in Jira (at the story level and cross project)

MS1 : Planning complete

  • Project must
    • Have coordinated schedules with other projects and captured cross project dependencies in Jira
    • Have a concrete project time plan in place that accommodates dependencies and resource availability
    • Dependencies must include upstream dependencies impacting ability to execute on future milestones
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Development of feature code
    • Integration in, or establishment of, scenario's
    • Test case development

MS2 : Feature Code freeze

  • Feature project must
    • Be code complete.
    • Have completed unit test case development
    • Have documentation in place for pre-release verification
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Begin release readiness activities and verification.
      • Stable branch labels can be applied from here (project to decide when to pull the stable branch).

MS3: Installation Code freeze:

  • Installers code complete / code freeze
  • Features successfully deploy expected deliverables on a pharos lab
  • Feature/component installs with target installer(s), i.e. plugins or similar for the installers are ready.

MS4: Test Code freeze

  • Test infra and Test cases for system level testing of features available and code complete.

MS5: Integration ready:

  • Combination of components in scenarios work "as designed".

MS6 : Release

  • Project must
    • All frozen features and scenario's have achieved release readiness.
    • All stable branch labels in place, release labels available on the branch.
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Clear plans for release support according to the release stable processes

Planned Tasks for C Release

Slogan Jira issue
Use Cases MODELS-1
Testbed MODELS-2
Tests MODELS-3
Release Notes MODELS-4
Requirements Gap Analysis MODELS-5
Draft Blueprints MODELS-6

Project Box

Must-Have Reqs At-Risk Reqs
Use Cases
Release Notes
Working Plan Reqs Outplan Reqs
Requirements Gap Analysis
Draft Blueprints

Dependencies on other OPNFV Projects

Criticality Project Dependency Description
Must-Have FuncTest Incorporation of Models test scenarios C release functional tests, either as part of automated post-install tests, or as an on-demand test set.
Working Plan TBD Establishment of model-based feature priorities within the scope of OPNFV project.

Dependencies on Upstream Projects

Criticality Project Dependency Description
Must-Have OpenStack Latest stable release version, as basis for adding TBD components and testing
Must-Have OpenDaylight Latest stable release version, as basis for adding TBD components and testing
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