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Overall Objectives

Key goals related to testing:

  • validate current platform support for specific model-driven NFV use cases and model features
  • keep the focus on collaboration, by coordinating development of model use cases and tests with SDOs and other OPNFV projects
  • add value to the FuncTest and CI/CD program of OPNFV by leveraging most (if not all) tests

Use Case Proposals

Following is a draft set of use cases, with contributors and relation to SDOs or other OPNFV projects.

Title Contributors Related to
vIMS 3GPP, Cloudify
SFC Bryan Copper, SFC, VNFFG
Clustering Bryan Copper
GeoDiversity Multisite
Scaling Copper
Reservation Promise, RS

Test Design

This section will include an overview of the design approach for each tested use case.

Title Design Approach
vPing Leverage vPing, adding TOSCA model.
vIMS Leverage vIMS, documenting model features supported.
SFC Leverage SFC, adding additional deployment variations to exercise additional features.
Clustering Leverage vPing, deploy clusters via availability zones and host aggregates.
GeoDiversity Leverage vPing, deploy clusters via cells and regions.
Scaling Scale HTTP server VNF up/down/in/out.
Reservation Leverage Promise tests, adding TOSCA model.
L3VPN Leverage L3VPN tests, adding TOSCA model.
LSO Leverage ODL Unimgr YANG model (when available).
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