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Draft Release Plan for Pharos

Rls 1 Tasks Deliverable details / dependencies Status
Pharos specification High level architecture with baseline requirements for compute, storage, network, remote connectivity and tools … (pharos-specification.rst)
Usernames Define recommended default infrastructure user names
LF infrastructure - hardware Specifications of LF hardware (compute nodes, switches, …)
LF infrastructure - admin Process for administering / configuring LF infrastructure incl. who has full access, limited access, security levels, …
LF infrastructure - access Process for developers to gain access and get-started guide (Open VPN)
LF infrastructure - physical diagram (wiki) HW environment should be stable across installers. Specify physical connectivity
LF infrastructure - logical topology diagram (wiki) Highlight NW configuration differences between Foreman and Fuel environements
LF infrastructure - LO network Ref doc for LO interfaces with login credentials
LF infrastructure - Networks For all subnets specify VLAN IDs, network address, IP ranges, gateway, DNS (if applicable)
LF infrastructure - IPs For each node specify node type and IPs for each network interface (NIC)

Place holder / bin list of additional Pharos deliverables for future releases

  • Test environment quick-start guide for developers
  • Remote access guide
  • Infrastructure issue reporting process
  • Infrastructure collaboration BKMs and tools
  • Governance / usage policies
  • Dashboards - LF lab and hosted labs
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