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OPNFV Tealbox

OPNFV Tealbox HW Spec

OPNFV Tealbox is portable Data Center, built by Tranquil PC.

OPNFV Tealbox consists of

  • 10 Intel NUCs
    • Each NUC has
      • i5 Intel CPU
      • 16GB RAM
      • 120GB SSD
      • Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Gigabit Switch

Node0 of Tealbox serves as master node and it additionally has

  • WiFi adapter
  • 2TB spinning disk
  • USB and HDMI ports (directly accessible from the rear of the box)
AMT static IPs and NIC MACs
10.14.4.X b8:ae:ed:76:37:19 b8:ae:ed:76:36:a8 b8:ae:ed:76:4d:a4 b8:ae:ed:76:4d:94 b8:ae:ed:76:4c:eb b8:ae:ed:76:37:62 b8:ae:ed:76:4d:95 b8:ae:ed:76:47:ef b8:ae:ed:76:4d:34 b8:ae:ed:76:36:fe
AMT Subnet

Please see the detailed specs from this link.

OPNFV Tealbox SW Spec

OPNFV Tealbox has Been tested with

  • OPNFV Arno SR1 deployed using Fuel.
    1. OpenStack Juno
    2. OpenDaylight Helium SR3
    3. Fuel 6.0.1
  • OPNFV Brahmaputra
    1. OpenStack Liberty
    2. OpenDaylight Beryllium
    3. RDO Manager

Operating OPNFV Tealbox

The tealbox is operated via master node. Please follow below steps.

  • Power on the master node: Use the button on the back of the tealbox.
    • Once the master node boots up, it should open the Unity and logged in as default user.
  • Power on the slave nodes: Use AMT Tool to power on the slave nodes.
    • Open the console and type amttool. You will see the instructions.
  • Start the Fuel Master VM: Use virt-manager.
  • Open the browser: Browser should open the default start page with the links to use as below and some other information.
    • OpenStack dashboard
    • ODL dashboard
    • Fuel dashboard
    • Jenkins dashboard
  • Navigate around: By clicking the links.
  • Start the OPNFV functest demo: Open Jenkins dashboard and click the functest job. Click build link.

OPNFV Tealbox on Social Media

OPNFV Tealbox on Twitter:

OPNFV Tealbox Pictures

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