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Project Name: Juju OPNFV Infrastructure Deployer - JOID

  • Proposed name for the project: JOID
  • Proposed name for the repository: joid
  • Project Category:
    • Integration & Testing

Project description:

Introduce MAAS and Juju to support flexible OPNFV platform deployment.

Metal as a Service

Metal as a Service (MAAS) brings the language of the cloud to physical servers. It makes it easy to set up the hardware on which to deploy any service that needs to scale up and down dynamically; a cloud being just one example.

With a simple web interface, you can add, commission, update, decommission and recycle your servers at will. As your needs change, you can respond rapidly, by adding new nodes and dynamically re-deploying them between services. When the time comes, nodes can be retired for use outside the MAAS.

MAAS works closely with the service orchestration tool Juju to make deploying services fast, reliable, repeatable and scalable. more:

Note: We are going to utilize MAAS as a part of POD jump-start server so that OS deployment can be handled by MAAS and support Ubuntu, Centos, Windows or customized images (supported by MAAS process).

Currently MAAS supports all Major OEM (HP, Dell, Intel, Cisco, Sea-micro etc.. ) hardware which includes the power management of those hardware through IPMI as well as other power management software.

What is Juju?

Juju is a state-of–the–art, open source, service orchestration tool. Juju allows you to configure, manage, maintain, deploy, and scale cloud services quickly and efficiently on public clouds, as well as on physical servers, OpenStack, and containers. You can use Juju from the command line or through its beautiful GUI.

Under the OPNVF BGS initiative, we plan to use Juju and MAAS to provide end-to-end solution to find baremetal resources, to provision a customer selected OS, to deploy a particular version of OpenStack and ODL release.

OpenStack with ODL:

OpenStack with OpenContrail:

OpenStack Juju bundle info and source code:

Main benefits of OPNFV deployment using MAAS and Juju:

  • Provisioning Ubuntu 14.04 or other operating system like Centos, Windows on baremetal nodes(or simulator VMs).
  • Juju based installation and configuration of OpenStack. Juju supports any language of user choice, like Chef, Puppet, Ansible, bash, etc.
  • Juju charms for installation and configuration of OpenDayLight Helium. LINK
  • Integration of OpenStack and ODL but not limited to ODL as SDN controller, currently there are Juju charms for ODL, OpenContrail, Project Calico, Nuage Networks SDN, Midonet SDN, Plumgrid SDN, NSX, and more are planned like ONOS framework etc.

Juju experiment under BGS, documentation:

  • Automation scripts to achieve items above.


JOID will provide means to deploy VIM and NFVI using MAAS and Juju.

Integrate MAAS and Juju with OPNFV continuous integration and continuous deployment infrastructure and processes.


  • The “BGS” project in OPNFV
  • The “OCTOPUS” project in OPNFV
  • The “Pharos” project in OPNFV
  • The “OSCAR” project in OPNFV

Planned deliverables

  • Juju charms for OPNFV workload
  • bundles for:
    • OPNFV platform, ODL stack i.e. OpenStack and ODL
    • OPNFV platform, OpenContrail stack i.e. OpenStack and OpenContrail
    • and more stack versions
  • Build and deploy scripts for integration with OPNFV CI and CD

Proposed Release Schedule:

  • When is the first release planned? - We are ready to release JOID with rel #1 or immediately after rel #1
  • For release #2 we will be able to deploy more SDN options like OpenContrail, etc.

Key Project Facts

Project Name: JOID
Repo name: joid
Project Category: Integration & Testing
Lifecycle State:
Primary Contact: Artur Tyloch
Project Lead:
Jira Project Name: Same as Project name
Jira Project Prefix: JOID
mailing list tag [joid]
IRC: Channel:#opnfv-juju



Link to TSC approval: Link to approval of additional submitters: ** Example

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