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DoveTail project

Project description

The OPNFV testing project (dovetail) intends to define and provide a set of OPNFV related validation criteria that will provide input for the evaluation of the use of OPNFV trademarks. The dovetail project will be executed with the guidance and oversight of the Compliance and Certification committee and work to secure the goals of the C&C committee for each release.

The project intends to incrementally define qualification criteria that establish the foundations of how we are able to measure the ability to utilize the OPNFV platform, how the platform itself should behave, and how applications may be deployed on the platform.


The project intends to define and implement as necessary qualifications that provide a measure of alignment with the overall OPNFV project for hardware, NFV platform, and NFV applications. The qualifications are not intended to be exclusive in nature, but are intended to provide a measure for the community on the maturity and capability of the OPNFV project and related offerings.

The established processes and tools should be derived from available open source components and test cases. Testing should be able to be executed in an automated on-premise process by entities wishing to evaluate their products or services. This may follow a process similar to the global certification forum (GCF) self certification procedures.

Initial (Brahmaputra) goals

The inital scope of the dovetail project for OPNFV is intended to be a set of evaluations that should provide a set of non-exclusive test cases providing a method of identifying the adherence of NFV solutions to the OPNFV projects activities and goals. This should include qualification by execution of a basic set of mandatory test cases focused on proving:

  • "Lab ready" qualification test suites
  • OPNFV feature and interface level testing suitable for Plug-Fest activities.

Additionally the project will define a set of pre-requisites, an execution process and reporting guidelines for running the associated test cases.

Useful links

1) Dovetail ---compliance and certification

Dovetail weekly Meetings

Meeting Agendas & Minutes

Please refer to the DoveTail Meetings page for specific meeting agendas (upcoming) and meeting minutes (past meetings).

collaboration of DoveTail and OPNFV projects

In order to move DoveTail faster, all projects for certification are divided into groups:

  1. test projects for certification:
  2. pharos(labs) for certification:
  3. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  4. and so on

2) Plugfests 2016

Plugfest biweekly Meetings

Key Project Facts

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