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Colorado Release

Need to add pages around release planning, projects involved, infrastructure, reporting & share relevant information here.

  • Daily release scrum meeting for C - agendas and minutes
  • Test-scenarios for C
  • Schedules of upstream projects relevant for C
  • Functest R2 C wiki
  • Latest results of C builds


The Colorado release will be framed around scenarios. Within OPNFV a scenario is a "deployment of a set of components and their configuration". Colorado will include all scenarios which are available and ready by the Colorado time frame.

Overview presentation of scenario releases.

FAQ (needs updating!)

How are different features/functions enabled for a Colorado installation?

From the Brahmaputra release onwards, a user can choose the features to be installed for a particular installation. Feature selection and the associated configuration of the features is done via a set of configuration files which are common for all installers (“install.yaml” – for general configuration and feature selection, “feature_x.yaml” – for configuration specific to a “feature_x”, like for example a SDN-controller like OpenDaylight). Note that not all features/functions are install-time features. Installers only take care of install-time features. Note that installers only install a particular feature or component, i.e. they don’t take any responsibility for the appropriate operation of a feature, component, or function.

Several projects require specific components installed. How are their needs being met?

What is the role of testing and test-documentation for the Colorado release?

Test projects (i.e. Functest, Yardstick, etc.) supply a set of tests for Colorado. Colorado testing adds to the existing test suites available in the OPNFV Brahmaputra release. Tests which are to be run on an installation are defined by a set of test-configuration scripts.

What constitutes the Colorado release?

A release is constituted through a set of deployments (defined by the configuration files), the associated tests (defined by the test configuration) and the corresponding test results. Note that the set of combinations tested follows interest: For a release not all possible feature/component and deployment configurations will be tested. Testing will follow the interest (and associated invested effort) of the projects participating, rather than try to test any possible combination.

How will the Colorado release be maintained? Will there be specific service releases?

How will Colorado be installed?

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