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Colorado release page

Need to add pages around release planning, projects involved, infrastructure, reporting & share relevant information here.


The Colorado release will consist of a set of scenarios which may be extended by feature and development projects.

Scenario deployments of OPNFV need to be identified and established as quickly as possible. Feature projects are urged to identify scenarios they may be able to leverage to have their planned features deployed in an OPNFV environment, however it is understood some features may need specific scenarios.

All features or capabilities of the Colorado are expected to be verified with feature specific test cases as agreed with the testing projects, fully documented and verified.

At this time the development process is being further refined as part of the Brahmaputra retrospective and iterative improvements. Information on the development process will be made available here as it is refined for implementation in the Colorado.

All deployments should be repeatable and able to be cleaned when the deployment is to be removed. All test cases and test suites must be repeatable. Any needed exemptions to the above guidelines may be raised to the TSC for discussion. It is envisioned that any exemptions raised after code freeze will be extremely difficult to accommodate.

Key Colorado dates

Agreed release milestones

Key milestones for Colorado that have been approved by the TSC at this time are MS0, MS1 which are intended to facilitate the projects establishment of their scope and intentions for the release.

Mile Stones Timeline Target
MS0 - Project planning start 8/March Projects indicate intent to participate in the release
MS1 - Planning complete 8/April Close project inclusion and plans are established
xx - Feature Code freeze xx Close feature project development phase - freeze
xx - Installation Code freeze xx Installer/plugins code complete
xx - Test Code freeze xx Test infra and scenario tests complete
xx - Integration ready xx Scenario integration complete
Release August Release

Milestones Expectations

Clear milestone dates establish the expectations on project for these milestones, currently we are working with milestones to establish the scope and cross project planning for projects with a target release date of August.

MS0 : Project kick-off

  • Activities to be performed during this phase:
    • State your intention to participate in the C-Release
    • establish release plan wiki /projects/<projectame>/releaseplan
    • Define impacts on other projects;
      • installers
      • test projects
      • documentation
      • Infrastructure (pharos/CI)
    • Include estimated time and resource plans
    • Project plans in place in Jira (at the story level and cross project)

MS1 : Planning complete

  • Project must have
    • Coordinated schedules with other projects and captured cross project dependencies in Jira
    • Established a concrete project time plan in place that accommodates dependencies and resource availability
    • Clarified dependencies, must include upstream dependencies, impacting ability to execute on future milestones
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Development of feature code
    • Integration in, or establishment of, scenario's
    • Test case development
//MS2 : Feature Code freeze//
  • Feature project must
    • Be code complete.
    • Have completed unit test case development
    • Have documentation in place for pre-release verification
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Begin release readiness activities and verification.
      • Stable branch labels can be applied from here (project to decide when to pull the stable branch).
//MS3: Installation Code freeze://
  • Installers code complete / code freeze
  • Features successfully deploy expected deliverables on a pharos lab
  • Feature/component installs with target installer(s), i.e. plugins or similar for the installers are ready.
//MS4: Test Code freeze//
  • Test infra and Test cases for system level testing of features available and code complete.
//MS5: Integration ready://
  • Combination of components in scenarios work "as designed".


  • Project must have
    • Frozen all features and scenario's have achieved release readiness.
    • Stable branch labels in place, release labels available on the branch.
    • Clear plans for release support according to the release stable processes
  • Activities to be performed after this milestone
    • Release support according to the Colorado stable processes


to be completed as the development process is refined

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