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Colorado Project Participation page

Projects should state their intention to participate in the Colorado release on this wiki page.

We will be coordinating with the projects intending to participate in Colorado to apply and adopt the infrastructure and development process improvements established leading up to MileStone 1.

Project Name Link to releaseplan Summary of intent
opnfvdocs opnfvdocs release plan opnfvdocs intends to continue to develop the OPNFV document library and introduce document validation processes.
ipv6 IPv6 C Release Planning IPv6 project intends to continue to release IPv6 infrastructure deployment by installers, and multisite IPv6 setup
kvmfornfv kvmfornfv C Release Plan kvmfornfv project intends to provide improvements in advanced latency optimizations, fast live migrations with complete CI/test bed integration and also support multiple distribution support
parser Parser Release C Planning parser will improve upon the two modules introduced in B, and add two new modules to the tent . parser intends to have full installer support and more testing scenarios in C
Apex Apex Release C Planning Apex OPNFV installer will continue enhancing and adding features for C release
networkfw Network Framework Release Plan
HA High Availability C release Plan HA Deployment Framework Guideline; HA Gap Analysis;HA test cases and results on OPNFV releases(Cooperate with Yardstick)
Multisite Multisite Release C Planning In Rel C we are looking for installer integration support of OpenStack M release and other related projects, scenario tested in a multiregion yardstick setup, and documentations
SFC SFC Release C Planning In Rel C we plan to add support for enhanced cloud scenarios such as SF failover and load-balancing and dynamic service chain modifications.
Releng Releng Release C Planning Releng will provide improvements in OPNFV Software Development Infrastructure and implement CI based on the input from Octopus and the OPNFV Community at large
Domino Domino Release C Planning Template publishing service; Template mapping, translation, and distribution service; label subscription service; integration with parser modules (policy2tosca, tosca2heat); VNF scaling use case
StorPerf C Release Planning Integration with CI and publication of results to test dashboard.
Bottlenecks Bottlenecks C Release Planning 1) integration and test workflow improvement 2) puppet refactoring of rubbos framework 3)dashboard improvement 4) more scenario test cases.
VSPERF VSPERF Release C Planning Integration with Yardstick, move to SW Traffic generator
OVSNFV Release C Project proposal List Integration with Funtest and Yardstick for both Fuel and Apex, create blueprints for OVS Performance and Priority Path through OVS
Moon Moon Release C Planning Identity federation for OpenStack and OpenDaylight; command line tool for identity management and tests; graphic interface for identity management
Pinpoint Pinpoint Release C Planning Documentation only - Provide use case document and API gap analysis document
Octopus We will implement improvements on the CI pipeline and user interface
Prediction Prediciton Release C Planning Code and document of a predictor framework; Availability statistics model
Dovetail we will start to first version of compliance and certification for the OPNFV
Yardstick Yardstick release C planning Test cases for OPNFV Projects, extended generic NFVI testing, evolution of Yardstick framework, integration with VSPERF, extended analytics capabilities
SDN VPN SDN VPN release planning page Support additional installers, improve test coverage, add Yardstick testing, consume newly released upstream functionality.
JOID JOID Release C Planning JOID OPNFV installer will continue enhancing and adding features for C release
Cperf Release C Plan Controller Performance Tests in CI
SFQM Release C Plan
FDS FastDataStack plan for Colorado FastDataStacks is planning to create another scenario which integrates O/S-ODL-VPP for Colorado
Genesis Genesis will create a set of baseline requirements for all installers participating in Genesis for Colorado, similar to what Genesis did for Brahmaputra.
Fuel@OPNFV Fuel@OPNFV will continue to participate as an installer for the Colorado project
Compass4nfv Compass4nfv OPNFV installer will continue enhancing and adding features for C release
Escalator Escalator will consider to reuse the function of the installers and to identify the gaps between them and escalator itself. Some common requirements may be output to them via Genesis for release Colorado.
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