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Project Name: SDN distributed routing and VPN

  • Proposed name for the project: SDN distributed routing and VPN
  • Proposed name for the repository: sdnvpn
  • Project Categories: Collaborative Development

Project resources

Project Description

Many telecom network functions are relying on layer-3 infrastructure services, within a VNF between components, or towards existing external networks. In many cases, these external networks are implemented in MPLS/BGP technology in existing service provider wide-area-networks (WAN). This proven technology provides a good mechanism for inter-operation of a NFV Infrastructure (NFVI) and WAN.

This has lead to a number of activities both in OpenDaylight andOpenStack targeting to implement such functionality, including:

The proposed architecture in the VPN Service proposal both links NFVI networking services seamlessly into the WAN network architecture and provides a solution for distributed routing functionality in the virtual Switches using standard ODL southbound interfaces.

To assure integration into the NFVI, a collaborative project is needed, linking the work done in ODL and OpenStack on this item and assuring the integration of these functions into the OPNFV reference platform. A key objective is to validate the solution and to create visibility for that OPNFV has a viable solution.


Scope of the project is to address integration and deployment of VIM and virtual networking components to provide Layer 2/3 VPN services in the OPNFV platform. The project will be done in collaboration with the related bgpvpn project in OpenStack and supported implementations in SDN controllers to make sure that the functionality can be integrated on the OPNFV reference platform for the Brahmaputra release and onwards.

Included in the scope are:

  • Alignment of ODL Neutron NBI interface with OpenStack neutron API for BGPVPN, as soon as that is finalized (Liberty timeframe)
  • Development of OPNFV R2 requirements on L3VPN reference implementation and related test cases
  • Analysis and implementation of required OVS features to support performant distributed routing
  • Identification of DC gateway reference platforms and functional requirements on them


All defined use cases will be identified and test cases to validate the functionality will be implemented in this project. This will include in the Brahmaputra timeframe platform functional testing in functest, deployment and scenario testing in YardStick.


Use cases and user guide documentation will be provided. (per SDN solution as needed) Deployment and installation documentation will be provided. (per deployment tool as needed)


The project has the most relevant dependencies on:

  • The BGPVPN project in OpenStack.
  • The VPN Service project in OpenDaylight.
  • L3VPN functionality in OpenContrail

Committers and Contributors

Project lead:

  • Tim Irnich (


  • Thomas Morin (
  • Diego Garcia (
  • Prem Sankar (
  • Jan Scheurich (

Other contributors:

  • Bin Hu (
  • Nikolas Hermanns (
  • Jose Lausuch (

Planned deliverables

The project will deliver an integrated solution and associated documentation for L2 and L3 VPN for the Brahmaputra release and associated documentation and test cases. The project will further develop VPN services for future releases and establish consistent capabilities across SDN controllers for VPN services. Another deliverable will be reference integrated solutions demonstrating the integration of proprietary SDN solutions into the platform. These references will not be delivered as OPNFV, however will be used to validate the OPNFV solution in commercial application.

Planned release schedule

Phase 1 will deliver L3 VPN services in Brahmaputra, based on the following upstream components:

  • OpenStack BGPVPN
  • The minimum set of supported backends for BGPVPN in Brahmaputra is Bagpipe and ODL (other backends welcome but currently no contributors available)
  • For backends relying on OVS, a fix for the MPLSoGRE encapsulation is needed which is not secured for Brahmaputra. The test scope will thus have to be selected so that only scenarios not dependent on this fix are tested in Brahmaputra.

Further releases will evolve these services to include additional capabilities such as Service Chaining and additional network topologies.


Key Project Facts

Project Name: SDN distributed routing and VPN
Repo name: sdnvpn
Project Category: collaborative development
Lifecycle State: incubation
Primary Contact: Tim Irnich (
Project Lead: Tim Irnich (
Jira Project Name: SDN VPN
Jira Project Prefix: [SDNVPN]
mailing list tag [SDNVPN]
Tim Irnich (
Prem Sankar (
Thomas Morin (
Diego Garcia (
Jan Scheurich (
Link to TSC approval:
Link to approval of additional submitters:

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